Biathlon is an olympique sports extremely popular in France. Ideal for families and groups, this activity, longtime the exlusive domain of professional athletes, permits the discovery of a challenging form of winter sport.

Chamonix biathlon video

From age 7 years onward, we offer an initiation to the technique of skating (cross country skiing), along with laser or pellet target shooting. After which you are ready for your own private biathlon event.

Compete as an individual or share in the emotions of being part of a team. Every target missed adds an extra penalty lap.

More information about Chamonix Biathlon

Target shooting combined with a sporting event

A unique family or group activity

-Concentration and precision for the target shooting.

-Co-ordination and a bit of physical stamina for the sporting events (a loop of XC skiing 200 meters).

Activity description

After some initial target practice you will embark on a circuit of the chosen sporting event. You then have 5 shots in the main shooting range, every target missed is a penality tour.


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